Virtuaalikuoro – Suomalainen

Juvenalia Choir – Suomalainen [A Finn]
Composition: Eero Koivistoinen Lyrics: Jorma Etto

Recorded and filmed by Juvenalia Choir singers at their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

This work is a part of the Suomalainen sarja [A Finnish Suite] by Eero Koivistoinen. The original version of the suite for upper voices was commissioned for the Juvenalia Choir by the International Choral Espoo, Finland. This version for mixed voices was commissioned by the Juvenalia Choir.

Artistic director & chief conductor: Matti Järvinen

Video editing: Joel Lindfors Audio editing: Matti Järvinen, Casimir Lindfors & Joel Lindfors

Post production, mixing and mastering: Joel Lindfors

Production: Juvenalia Choir, December 2020